Last Call for Book Submission!

If you are eager to share your unique experiences in regards to our mission of equality, we are pleased to inform you the submission deadline has now been extended to February 17, 2017. We at Equal and Empowered want to showcase the most diverse set of voices possible, so we have extended the deadline in order to ensure all voices are heard on such an important subject.

Due to the deadline extension, submission acceptance notifications will be made on a rolling basis, so the sooner you submit, the faster you will hear back from us. We understand that in order to make our book have the most impact, it needs to be composed of submissions from a variety of people. We would not have been able to deliver on this with the present deadline, so we look forward to having a wide variety of submissions by February 17!




We are happy to announce that we have begun to receive submissions, and they are all outstanding. We have received nearly ten in the past few days, and we thought that we would take this opportunity to remind you that they are due at the end of January and ou will be notified by mind-February as to whether your submission has been accepted. Submissions of all media type will be accepted, and please feel free to express yourself as creatively as possible.

The submission form can be located here.

Submission Form Open!

The past few months have been very busy for us in Equal + Empowered. School has picked back up again, which has meant that we’ve been able to spend less time than we’d like on this project, but we feel like we’re starting to get back on our feet again.

Coming up is the halfway point meeting with Philanthropy Tank, where we will meet with our mentors and present our accomplishments so far. We are looking forward to this and to reconnecting with the other participants in Philanthropy Tank, and we are excited to meet and connect with this year’s contestants.

In addition to this, we are seeking out new members! If you live in the Palm Beach County area and have been following this blog, consider emailing us at with a little bit of information about yourself and how you feel you can contribute to the group. As always, our goals are to reach out to more and more people and to spread the message as much as possible, so everyone is welcome and we’re excited to get to know you.

Finally, and most excitingly, the submission form for our book is up and running! We are taking submission of art, poetry, prose (fiction and nonfiction), or any other physical medium that you can think of. As suggestions for what to submit, we ask that you consider talking about what feminism means to you, why you feel it is important, and instances of discrimination and sexism in your own life, but we encourage you to be creative and speak from the heart.


Equal + Empowered presents

Equal + Empowered is pleased to present our completed video, which is being used both  to spread awareness and education and to work as promotional media for the book which we have begun work on. The video includes our middle school ambassadors who were discussed in our previous post, in addition to which, we incorporated brief interviews with people from a wide range of genders, races, sexualities, and ages. We hope that the video will give you an insight into what we are trying to do with Equal + Empowered, and maybe inspire you to contribute to the book.

Our book is going to be a compilation of poetry, prose, short stories, art, and anythingelse that people should choose to submit, in order to create a picture of feminism that encompasses and helps everyone. Submissions will be opening soon, so be sure to keep an eye out both here and on our website,!writing-contest/az6mt, for more information.

Equal and Empowered Ambassadors make their debut

The future of feminism looks bright! We of Equal + Empowered are so excited to report that our middle school branch ran a wonderful activity for fellow students today, and the positive results were overwhelming!

The passionate 6th and 7th grade ambassadors decided to ask their classmates what they believed feminism was, and who in popular culture they perceived as feminists. Some wonderful definitions of feminism were shared, and an educational conversation was sparked about the movement as a whole.

To wrap up the activity, the 6th and 7th graders were asked to put their heads down for anonymity, and raise their hands if they now felt they identified as a feminist. The number of hands that shot up enthusiastically showed that the feminist movement will be alive and well for years to come….and that we might have to move the ambassador meetings to a larger room!

In addition to planning the topics and logistics of this first ambassador event, both the high school and middle school groups have been hard at work collaborating, to create a promotional video for our submission-based book about of feminism itself and the experiences of our generation related to that.

We hope the video will not only inspire our school community, but allow us to reach out to more schools around the nation.

Today’s activity showed us with even more certainty that, although one person may have negative associations with the word feminism, there is an entire roomful of our future leaders who understand its true importance.


Equal and Empowered featured throughout community

Since winning $9,500 at the Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank in March, things have only gotten more exciting for Equal and Empowered! We started off the week at a successful meeting with our mentor, Julie Cummings, where we discussed our upcoming plan, and what it will entail.

Since feminism is a movement, and not a tangible object, we brainstormed about ways to link both important aspects. It had to be something that would give voice to young people throughout the community, and advance our ideals of feminism and empowerment. In the end, we decided on a book featuring the poetry, artwork, and short stories from students in Palm Beach county and beyond. Every individual has a unique voice and story, and what better way to showcase that than via a tangible book? Members have already started writing and acquiring submissions, and we’re so excited to bring our book to life!


It seems the local media is taking notice of the impact we have had thus far! The Sun Sentinel  featured news of our success at the Philanthropy Tank, and the Palm Beach Post followed suit, with a print edition coming out tomorrow!

As we continue to move forward on this incredible journey, we cannot wait to achieve even more to further the ideals of feminism, and make this world a better place for everyone!